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Bhutani Infraa has perpetually been a luminary in the commercial real estate spectrum, capturing significant attention and accolades in industry news and forums. Welcome to the vibrant Media Corner of Bhutani Group, a space where our latest triumphs, appearances, launches, and celebrated moments unfurl.


bhutani infra Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

Entrepreneurs are often the architects of the future, wielding a visionary perspective that anticipates and significantly influences the unfolding of tomorrow. In an era where modern technologies burgeon, today’s business leaders are empowered with transformative tools to sculpt the global landscape. A shining exemplar of such transformative leadership is Mr. Ashish Bhutani of Bhutani Infraa, whose extraordinary strides in the Real Estate sector have earned him well-deserved accolades and recognition.


bhutani infra Jagran Achiever Award 2023

Bhutani Infraa has been bestowed with a prestigious accolade, marking its position as Noida's "Most Preferred Real Estate Brand." This eminent recognition falls under the "Excellence in Real Estate" category, as acknowledged by the esteemed Hindi publication, Dainik Jagran. The honor, named the 'Bhutani Infraa Jagran Achiever Award 2023', was gracefully conferred during a ceremony that took place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in August 2023.

Realty-Plus-40-Under-40 -Awards-bhutaniinfraa

bhutani infra Realty Plus 40 Under 40 Awards

Realty Plus spearheaded the "40 Under 40 Conclave & Awards 2023," a dynamic real estate confluence. This online symposium brought together emerging leaders from across the nation, facilitating dialogues and honoring achievements. This event spotlighted innovation and exemplary performance among the budding luminaries of the real estate world.


bhutani infra Asia Pacific International Property Awards

The esteemed Asia Pacific International Property Awards recognize the crème de la crème of residential and commercial property professionals within the Asia Pacific. They stand as a testament to unmatched brilliance in the field. In 2023, the distinguished Cyberthum Project was lauded with this prestigious award under the Mixed Use Development category for India, amplifying its worldwide acclaim for superior real estate achievement.


bhutani infra BRAND OF THE YEAR 2022-23

The esteemed Marksmen Daily, a luminary in the print domain, recently hosted their yearly award ceremony, gracing us with the "BRANDS OF THE YEAR" distinction. They celebrated brands that have carved a niche for themselves with inventive approaches, originality, and outstanding achievements.

Most Promising-Business-Leaders-of-Asia-2022-23 -bhutaniinfraa

bhutani infra Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2022-23

The Bhutani Group has received the accolade of "Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2022-23," presented by the Economic Times. Recognized globally as one of the most esteemed awards, this initiative by ET aims to celebrate and honor the exemplary contributions of Asia's foremost business trailblazers.


bhutani infra Prestigious Brands Award 2023

BARC's (Brand Asia Research and Consulting) "Prestigious Brands Asia" is a prominent research and consulting entity headquartered in Singapore. Its primary aim is to offer insights and strategies to enterprises across the Asia-Pacific. They delve deep into understanding multiple facets of brand perception, encompassing brand imagery, allegiance, and awareness.


bhutani infra Commercial Realty Plus Awards 2022

The "Best Developer of the Year - Commercial" at the Realty Plus Awards is an annual ceremony celebrating the accomplishments and endeavors of key players in India's real estate sector. This event spans multiple award categories, lauding real estate developers, architects, interior designers, and other industry stalwarts for their remarkable impact and contributions.

-The Realty+ 40 Under-40-E-Conclave-&-Awards-2022-bhutaniinfraa

bhutani infra The Realty+ 40 Under 40 E-Conclave & Awards 2022

The Realty+ 40 Under 40 E-Conclave & Awards, curated by Realty Plus, a prominent real estate media entity in India, is an annual affair. It's crafted to honor and spotlight the accomplishments of emerging professionals who have markedly influenced the Indian real estate landscape.


bhutani infra Best Brands Award 2022

The 5th installment of The Economic Times Best Brands Conclave highlights exemplary brands renowned for their enduring presence and sustainable practices.

In both the Indian and global arenas, these brands have set new standards in their domains. At an event in Mumbai, The Economic Times recognized Bhutani Group as one of the nation's "Best Brands" for 2022.

Entrepreneurs-of-the-Year-2022 -Award -Evolving-Technologies-bhutaniinfraa

bhutani infra Entrepreneurs of the Year 2022 Award – Evolving Technologies

Entrepreneurs are forward-thinkers, actively molding the days ahead. Emerging technologies empower these contemporary tycoons to re-imagine our world. In acknowledgment of Mr. Ashish Bhutani's significant strides in the Real Estate sector, Entrepreneur Magazine presented him with the 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2022' accolade during a grand event at JW Marriott, New Delhi.

Best-Developer-o- the-Yea- Award –-Danik-Jagran-bhutaniinfraa

bhutani infra Best Developer of the Year Award – Danik Jagran

Bhutani Infra received the accolade of "Best Developer of the Year" from the esteemed Hindi daily, Dainik Jagran. The award ceremony was held in August in Singapore. This recognition further embellishes our proud legacy of reshaping Noida's horizon.


bhutani infra Best Real Estate Developer of the Year Award – Zee Business

Bhutani Infra garnered the "Best Real Estate Developer of the Year" accolade at an award event hosted by Zee Media. Zee Media Digital, Zee Group's digital publishing branch, conducted the National Achievers' Awards 2022 at The Leela Ambience in Gurugram. Upholding Zee Media's tradition, they acknowledged the exceptional accomplishments of leaders across diverse fields.


bhutani infra ET Inspiring CEO of the year 2022

The "ET Inspiring CEO of the Year," spearheaded by ET Edge, seeks to spotlight eminent leaders from various professional sectors across India. These individuals are celebrated not only for their significant impact on the Indian economy but also for their societal contributions over the past year. The award ceremony took place in Delhi on June 30, 2022.


bhutani infra Times 40 Under 40

"Times 40 Under 40," crafted by Optimal Media Solutions under the Times Group banner, is a distinguished platform spotlighting and lauding the top 40 young luminaries under the age of 40. These individuals, whether entrepreneurs, leaders, or innovators, have genuinely redefined standards and transformed their professional landscapes.


bhutani infra 'Titans' of Real Estate 2021

Hindustan Times recognized Bhutani Group as the premier developers of Delhi NCR for their unwavering commitment to excellence, even amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Bhutani Group distinguished themselves, demonstrating resilience and determination against all odds, thereby earning significant recognition.


bhutani infra Entrepreneur 35 Under 35

"Entrepreneur 35 Under 35" honors 35 standout entrepreneurs from India, individuals who have set lofty aspirations and are on course to realize them. This recognition is a testament to the fervor and achievements of the millennial generation. It celebrates tenacity, uniqueness, and confidence. Highlighting such professional prowess, Ashish Bhutani, the CEO of Bhutani Infra, has been celebrated on this list, marking his significant imprint on the nation's entrepreneurial scene.


bhutani infra Estate Awards 2019

Estate Awards stands as one of India's most prestigious award ceremonies, celebrating triumphs from the realm of Indian Real Estate. On 21st August 2019, the JW Marriott Hotel in New Delhi hosted the 11th Estate Awards. During this grand event, our Cyberthum project received accolades as the "Best Upcoming Project (ASIA) - 2019."


bhutani infra Skills & Entrepreneurship Award 2019

On 26th December 2019, at the Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, Mr. Ashish Bhutani was honored with the Mail Today Skills & Entrepreneurship Award ’2019. This gathering presented a distinctive platform for entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and professionals to converge, share perspectives, network, and stay abreast of contemporary industry trends.


bhutani infra Global Real Estate & Business Excellence Award Dubai

The Global Real Estate Award stands as one of India's eminent recognitions, celebrating exceptional performance within the regional real estate domain. As the sector matures and elevates its standards, this award mirrors the growth and sophistication of its top real estate contributors. At Bhutani Group, we are immensely honored to have received this accolade in 2019.


bhutani infra Estate Awards – Developer of the Year Commercial (North)

Estate Awards conferred the esteemed "Developer of the Year (North Region)" title upon Bhutani Infra, a forerunner in North India's real estate landscape. As the real estate community collaborates to probe diverse growth pathways and understand the continuously shifting market dynamics, they come together with strategies to tackle challenges collectively.


bhutani infra Realty + 2019 Young Achiever of the Year

The Realty Plus Excellence Awards, regarded as one of India's most reputable real estate recognitions, applaud the significant contributions made in the real estate landscape by various stakeholders, including Individuals, Innovators, Developers, Interior Designers, Architects, Town Planners, State Governments, Property Advisors, IPCS, Brokers, Realtors, and Real Estate Media. Our CEO, Mr. Ashish Bhutani, was honored with this award for his impactful contribution to the realm of real estate.


bhutani infra Bharat Gaurav Award – Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Initiated in 2017, the Bharat Gaurav Award Foundation established the Bharat Gaurav Awards and the Bharat Gaurav Lifetime Achievement Awards to acknowledge and inspire the unrecognized champions working diligently to enhance the lives of the less fortunate. In 2019, Mr. Ashish Bhutani, the CEO of Bhutani Infra, was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his significant efforts in bettering the lives of the underprivileged through the Bhutani Care division.


bhutani infra Double Helical National Health Award - 2018

Estate Awards conferred the esteemed "Developer of the Year (North Region)" title upon Bhutani Infra, a forerunner in North India's real estate landscape. As the real estate community collaborates to probe diverse growth pathways and understand the continuously shifting market dynamics, they come together with strategies to tackle challenges collectively.


bhutani infra Best Brand Award North India – 2018

ABP News has honored Bhutani Group with the "Best Brand Award" for North India. Bhutani Infra consistently stands out, continually driving innovation with its diverse project offerings predominantly spread across the NCR region.