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Navigating the unique work-from-home era has underscored that office spaces extend beyond mere tasks and deadlines. They symbolize vibrant hubs of growth and connection. 365 Office offers premium office environments, cultivating a setting where businesses flourish effortlessly. At 365 Office, time isn't a boundary; with lockable office spaces accessible 365 days a year. These spaces are tailored and equipped to cater to every conceivable business need.

At 365 Office, you set the pace and dictate the terms. We offer office spaces that are carefully crafted and tailored to resonate with your unique needs - because you know your business best! Designed in line with global office standards, these spaces adeptly cater to the diverse needs of enterprises. Beyond being the prime office space in Noida, 365 Office serves as a vibrant platform where professionals converge, collaborate, and stay abreast of the latest industry shifts. By uniting a myriad of businesses under one roof, 365 Office creates an environment ripe for success and expansion.

Situated in City Center, Sector 32 Noida, 365 Office provides an esteemed location for your enterprise. With Noida rapidly emerging as a business hotspot, this meticulously planned city continues to pique the interest of international conglomerates. A multitude of global corporations and IT companies have chosen Noida as their base of operations.

Be Ready To Move In | Office Space in Noida

In today's fast-paced business environment, waiting for an office space isn't an option. 365 Office presents immediate occupancy solutions in Noida, ensuring you don't lose a beat in this swift-moving world. Equipped with premium amenities, our office spaces in Noida provide everything you need to commence operations.


Powder Room

These managed office spaces include a private powder room to ensure uninterrupted work continuity.

Continuous access with round-the-clock power backup.

Nothing should hinder your efficiency.

Dedicated Parking

At 365 Office, enjoy a stress-free environment with ample dedicated parking for all.


Never step out to withdraw cash or deposit cheques, everything is in this ecosystem.

Happening 365 Days of the Year

City Center in Noida is poised to redefine the standards and vision for the future's iconic landmarks. Nestled in the core of Noida, City Center stands as one of the pioneering commercial ventures of the city. Within this project, 365 Office shines as a remarkable workspace, meticulously designed to cater to your professional needs and personal lifestyles.

Premium Food Court:

A lavish and stunning Food Court offering exquisite culinary delights from around the globe.

PVR Entertainment City

Boasting 15 screens, India's grandest superplex, which features PVR IMAX, 4 DX, Play House & Gold, provides one of the most captivating cinematic experiences.

Shopping Avenue:

City Center, hosting one of North India's grandest HyperCity outlets, offers diverse retail spaces. From high-end designer boutiques to health and beauty products, it provides a vast spectrum of shopping opportunities.

5th Avenue:

Featuring vibrant and sophisticated cafés, bars, lounges, and clubs, this expansive outdoor dining area takes fine dining to a new level. The serene greens, striking fountains, and lakeside seating enhance the ambiance. 5th Avenue stands as an elegant promenade, graced with beautiful trees and verdant surroundings.

5 Star Hotel:

City Centre stands as a bustling business nexus, housing elite corporations and presenting exceptional opportunities. It boasts premium corporate office structures and a luxurious 5-star hotel.

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