Co-Working Is King

The dynamics of the modern work environment have transformed remarkably in just a span of two years. This shift is irreversible and has redefined our understanding of traditional office setups. The practice of working from home has become customary, a trend readily acknowledged by major corporations. Consequently, instead of centralizing operations in one primary location, many leading Fortune 500 companies are adopting a hybrid model. This approach promotes geographically distributed office spaces, resulting in multiple branches of the same enterprise dispersed throughout a region or even a city, as opposed to a singular, massive headquarters. Co-working spaces emerge as the ideal solution to cater to this evolving demand, and their burgeoning popularity stands as testament to this trend.

The Managed Office Market

In India's top eight commercial real estate markets, there are currently over half a million managed seats. There was an 18% year-on-year growth in the number of managed seats last year, reflecting the growing optimism among operators. Analyzing the top 10 operators based on seat inventory reveals that the market shifts brought about by the pandemic have led to a more concentrated market. By the end of Q4-2021, these top ten operators collectively represented a commanding two-thirds of the total seat inventory across the eight leading markets.




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