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bhutaniinfraaFor the city of glory.In the city of growth.

Central Patliputra emerges as a realm of boundless retail possibilities within City Center 150, breathing a spirit of innovation and cultural vibrance into the Noida retail landscape. Fostered by Bhutani Infraa, Central Patliputra is a magnificent ode to one of India's most illustrious ancient cities, symbolizing progress and pioneering advancements in the retail sector. Bhutani Infra Noida, through Central Patliputra, creates a flourishing nexus of culture and commerce, allowing a versatile spectrum of retail spaces to thrive—from designer boutiques and bespoke gifts to a curated ensemble of health, beauty, and interior decor offerings.Crafted by Bhutani Infraa, Central Patliputra stands as a beacon of diverse retail allure, promising a captivating array of products that mirror the essence of art, craft, beauty, and cultural elegance. Positioned strategically within City Center 150, Bhutani Infra Noida ensures that Central Patliputra benefits from exceptional footfall, paving the way for a robust consumer base and flourishing retail success. Bhutani Infraa’s vision and execution are instrumental in cultivating Central Patliputra into a dynamic and vibrant retail hub, encapsulating an exquisite blend of tradition and modernity.

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