Bhutani Hive

Bhutani Hive

The rapid pace of advancements in the information and technology sectors can often leave businesses scrambling to keep up. Recognizing this need, Bhutani Techno Park has been crafted to cater specifically to IT enterprises. It not only offers the necessary infrastructure for IT and IT-enabled services but also provides a comprehensive array of facilities for employees. The design, which boasts expansive floor plates and optimal column spacing, aligns seamlessly with the requirements of major corporations, ensuring a conducive environment for growth and innovation.

Fully Functional Building For More Than Five Years

Bhutani Technopark stands as a prominent landmark in Noida Sector 127. The existing structure is largely occupied, and as a result, it consistently yields monthly rental income.

Fortune 500 Companies Present On Campus

Companies like Modiguard, Snap On Business Solutions India, Coware India, and Jubilant have been long-standing associates with Technopark. The office spaces within this commercial property are lockable, ensuring you have full ownership of the asset.

Fast Appreciating Neighbourhood

Fully established neighborhood Over 100,000 upper-middle-class families nearby. Direct access via the expressway.


Dining Variety: Dive into an extensive range of cuisines every time you fancy a meal break.
Stunning Architecture: From the moment you enter, the grand lobby, atrium, and lift areas exude a sense of high-end design and inspiration.
Round-the-Clock Access with Backup Power: Ensure uninterrupted productivity.
Proximity to Essentials: Nearby hospitals, entertainment hubs, and hotels enhance your work-life balance.
On-site ATM: For quick cash access and banking tasks without ever leaving the premises.
Integrated Gym: Juggle work and wellness seamlessly in the same environment.




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